How it works

how it works

Buying a Mobile Home in one of our French holiday resorts is very easy, almost as easy as buying a car! Mobile Homes are sold fully equipped and installed on your plot. There is a pitch fee, costs depends on chosen resort, size and formula. Follow the simple 1,2,3,4 steps below to find out more and make your lifestyle holiday in France a reality…

  1. Have a browse through our different holiday sites, and decide which resort suits your family best depending on which lifestyle vacation and activities you are looking for.
  2. View our new Mobile Homes for sale in that particular holiday resort. Note most of the sites offer ‘used’ homes that are not listed on the website as they tend to sell quickly (2 years old, prices start at approx 20,000 euros – subject to availability). If you are interested in a used mobile home, ensure you click the relevant option when filling out the booking form.
  3. Find out about the Benefits of owning a Mobile Home in France and for all other questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. Definitely interested and want to move forward? Complete the online form with all the requested details and one of our specialist bilingual advisor will be in touch to discuss and arrange a visit on site.

Next Steps

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